Candlestick Single Leg Roll Up


Candlestick Single Leg Roll Up is a variation of the candlestick roll up.  This exercise requires superior core and leg strength.   Additionally, solid balance is required during both the eccentric and concentric phase of the press up.   If having trouble, developing flexibility in the hamstrings, glutes, and ankles may be key to performing this exercise correctly.  Scale by performing standard candlestick roll ups.



  • lay on ground with back against the floor
  • raise both arms overhead and press them against the floor
  • hollow through the chest and bring toes up above head without bending the body
  • maintain hollow position and roll forward by driving heels towards the ground
  • when feet nears the ground, bend one knee and drive ankle as close to your buttocks as possible while maintaining a straight position with the other leg
  • press up with the single leg and focus on keeping the knee aligned with the ankle (ensure knee does not collapse inward or outward)
  • stand up with body upright
  • roll back into candlestick and repeat with opposite leg