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TAISO Workout Of the Day.

3x10 seconds Pull Up Hold

3x10 seconds Slide Out to Hollow Hold

3x10 V-Ups

3x5 seconds Pull Up Hold

3x5 seconds Slide Out to Hollow Hold

3x10 Tuck Ups

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3x10 Log Rolls

3x15 Lunge Jumps

3x10 Single Leg RDL

3x10 Hollow Rocks

3x10 Lunge Jumps

3x8 Single Leg RDL

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10x1 Cartwheel

10x1 Cartwheel

Play around with Cartwheels today. For safety reasons always ensure that you are performing the skill over a soft surface and that there is ample space around you.

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3x30 seconds Air Squat

3x30 seconds Mountain Climbers

3x30 seconds Single Leg Hop

3x20 seconds Air Squat

3x20 seconds Mountain Climbers

3x20 seconds Single Leg Hop

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3x30 seconds Flutter Kicks

3x30 seconds Leg Scissors

3x30 seconds Leg Lifts on Floor

3x20 seconds Flutter Kicks

3x20 seconds Leg Scissors

3x20 seconds Leg Lifts on Floor

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The Body Achieves What the Mind Believes

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