Reverse Dip Swing


Reverse Dip Swing is a gymnastics-based, upper body exercise performed on the parallel bars. One of the main keys to success with this exercise is creating a hollow body position and not opening up the position until you are past vertical.  While this exercise is generally performed on the parallel bars, two blocks of the same height will also suffice.  For best result, refrain from forcing the dip swing, but instead allowing the body to dip and rise naturally – in other words, use the force of the swing to do the majority of the work.  Scale by performing standard dips.



  • begin in a support with core engaged and arms locked out
  • initiate a small swing while in a support
  • at front end of the arc (when feet are in front of you), begin to bend elbows to dip body down
  • keep chest and hips slightly hollowed as you cross vertical
  • naturally allow your hips and chest open up into a slight arch position and simultaneously extend elbows to finish in a support position with legs behind you
  • swing forward and repeat movement