Freestanding Handstand Pushup on Parallel Bars


Freestanding Handstand Pushups are one of the most advanced styles of pushups.  In order to perform this exercise, a solid freestanding handstand is a requirement.   While it is easy to cheat the position when performing this exercise against a wall, maintaining a straight handstand throughout the entire exercise is of utmost importance when performing a freestanding handstand pushup.  For best results, keep the lower back tight during the ‘push up’ phase.  Scale by performing handstand pushups against the wall.



  • begin in a support on parallel bars and get into a handstand
  • tighten core and ensure body forms a straight line from toes all the way to hands
  • once you have settled into a solid handstand, spot a point on the floor that is slightly in front of your hands and bend elbows to descend the body
  • once you have lowered to desired position, extend elbows to push body back up, ensuring that the back remains tight and head does not jut out during the ‘push up’ phase
  • finish in a handstand